Nest Themostat

[Deprecated, since the end of "Works with Nest" program]

Data is captured by the Nest Thermostat every minute and then that data is analyzed and graphs are created based on that.  For a summary, please view the most recent Daily and Monthly graphs.

Process for Capturing data:
  1. Query Nest Themostat every minute using Nest API's.
  2. Data is converted into a Google Protocol Buffer and then serialized on disk as a Protocol Buffer.  Below is an example of a reading.
    { "thermostat_reading":
      [ { "timestamp_usec": 1445590682886209,
          "target_temperature_celsius": 18.5,
          "ambient_temperature_celsius": 21.9,
          "ambient_humidity": 45.0,
          "id": "Family Room",
          "heat_running": false}
  3. Graphs are generated once a day for the previous days activity.
Below is a sample graph: