Home System

Welcome to my Home Network. It consists of the components listed below, and a simple monitoring stack that notifies me when a component are not online.

The components are all monitored in regards to if they are currently Up or Down, and there is an option to silence if they are not critical or have a known problem which is being investigated. It also keeps track of how long they have been in the most recent state.

Overall State:

Internet Connection7h
Wi-Fi Access Point12w
**Achille Test**16w
Achille API WebServices15w
Achille Website3w
Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Station16w
Acurite Weather Gateway16w
Anthony Minecraft3w
Canon Color Laster Printer1d
Color Laster Printer16w
FreeBSD VM Server8w
Jeff Server15w
Nest - Family Room14w
Nest - Master Bedroom14w
Synology NAS Server16w
Tivo Kids Playroom6w
Tivo Master Bedroom4d
Tivo Roamio6w
Windows NAS Server8w
Windows VM Server16w